Saturday, October 15, 2011

Appeals court blocks enforcement of two key parts of Alabama immigration law

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has restored my faith (somewhat) in applying the words in the United States Constitution to Alabama's stupid immigration laws. Section 28 was blocked Friday (Oct. 14). That provision made Alabama schoolteachers immigration police, requiring them to check students' immigration status, as well as their parents'.
The chilling effect, of course, is that parents, whether here legally or not, are withdrawing their children from elementary, middle, and high school or not allowing them to attend.
And the appeals court blocked section 10 from being enforced. This is the Nazi-era "show me your papers" provision of the Alabama law. The last country to successfully enforce a "show me your papers" law was Nazi Germany. Prior to World War Two, when a Jew was encountered in public "without his papers", he was arrested and sent to a labor camp, transferred to a concentration camp, and later incinerated.
I regret to inform my readers that Alabama is no better than Nazi Germany.
I say again that we need smart immigration reform. What Alabama has done is Kris Kobach stupid.
Oh, you don't know Kris Kobach? He is writing Alabama's laws, but he is the secretary of state of Kansas. Winner of Phyllis Shlafly's Eagle Award in 2008. Now there's something he can be proud of.

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