Monday, November 15, 2010

I call it security theater

That's what you witness at U.S. airports. While the Israelis have been profiling for decades, our misguided federal government thinks it makes sense to put your grandmothers and children through full-body scanners or grope them with the innocuous-sounding "pat downs".
What hogwash! Sexually invasive full-body scanners and the sexual molestation of body "pat downs" have turned me off to air travel ... period. From now on, when I travel, I will first consider alternatives to air travel.
I call what you see at U.S. airports security theater because it is designed to make us "feel safe", not actually safe. I went through my first full-body scanner at the Boston airport. At that time (last July), women were not being "scanned".
No Transportation Security Agency employee has ever foiled a terrorist. Alert airline passengers and good domestic and international intelligence efforts have.
Why is our federal government so misguided?
Congress provdes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border when everyone knows that the only border terrorists have ever crossed is the U.S.-Canadian border. Or they have been admitted to the United States at U.S. aiports by helpful employees of the Department of Homeland Insecurity.
New Jersey lawmakers say the full-body scanners are ineffective and they are urging airports to reconsider using the machines.
What we need is smart security and smart immigration reform. Today we have neither. What we need are federal and state governments that look after our interests. Today they don't.
Why not scan cargo that goes in the bellies of passenger aircraft? Why not scan all cargo that will go on any airliner?
What's gone wrong?

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